Slots Tournaments

Online casinos know how to keep the attention of players, particularly those players that are more competitive and always want to try something new and thrilling. Slot fans looking for some competitive action can join in a slot tournament. Slots tournaments are very popular nowadays and are very easy to play. They don’t require certain playing skills and this levels the playing field and makes them more attractive and inviting. With a little bit of luck a player can make it to the top spot. This article closely looks at slots tournaments available at South African friendly online casinos and how they work.

How Slots Tournaments Work?

Slots tournaments have very simple and easy format. Firstly, to join a tournament you must pay a buy-in amount. The value of this amount usually determines how big the prize pool is going to be. However, some tournaments have no entry fee and are free to join. They usually have a smaller prize pool.

Furthermore, after you join a slot tournament you will be given a slot game, playing credits and a session time to play. You will be officially notified when the tournament will start. All players have a set amount of credits they have to play within a specified amount of time.

A typical slot tournament format is giving 1,000 credits to a player and these credits must be used for 20 minutes. Each time you press the Spin button credits will be deducted from the starting amount. Those credits that you win are shown on a separate meter. You cannot replay the credits that you have won.

When the time is up, the slot will be locked up. The credits you haven’t managed to play will be lost. Those you have won will be compared to those of the other players in order to determine the winner.

Winners are displayed on the leader board and they are regularly updated. For longer tournaments, the leader board is updated several times a day. Players can see where they are and whether they have a chance to win. Leader boards display the following information: player details, current places and win amounts.

Free Tournaments

As the name implies, these tournaments are free to enter and can take place on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They often have very small prize pools, but are definitely fun to play. Freerolls are often available only to VIP players, but there are some tournaments which welcome all players.

Tournaments with Buy In

The majority of slots tournaments start with buy-ins. This means that you have to pay an entry fee to join in. The cost of the entry fee and the number of players that will join in will determine the prize pool. For example, 100 players have joined a slot tournament and they all paid $50 to enter. The prize pool is, therefore, $5,000. In this case, the top winner might get $3,000 for first place, while 2nd and 3rd placed might get $1,000 and $500 respectively. There might also be 10 other prizes of $50.

Promotional Tournaments

Some South African friendly casinos such as Yebo Casino offer promotional tournaments. Quite frequently, they are by invitation only, but sometimes they can be open to all players. Yebo Casino, in particular, offers free slots tournaments every day. It invites players to join in every day and raise their adrenalin by taking part in these tournaments. The top winner will walk away with a nice jackpot prize.